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MDPMarin Dental Placement/Motivated Dental Professionals

1 Blackfield Drive # 144              S.F./Marin (415) 339-0575

Tiburon, Ca 94920                   E-mail:

Dear Dental Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in MDP.  My name is Deborah Barigian and I am the sole owner of MDP.  I have been servicing Marin Dentists since 1988, under the name

Marin Dental Placement.  Due to popular demand MDP has expanded into other Bay area communities using the initials MDP to represent both business names.

Motivated Dental Professionals and Marin Dental Placement.  MDP maintains the

highest quality of standards that have gained the respect of Dentists and Applicants throughout the Bay Area. 

To register, please complete these documents and e-mail them back.

Download Application                                   June 1, 2017 New Rates Temporary Fee Schedule

                                                                                       Dentist pays temporary directly    

Download Contract                                                                    DDS   $80.00 per hour  

                                                                                                         RDH  $58.00 per hour 

                                                                                                         RDA EF $35.00 per hour                    

                                                                                                         RDA  $29.00 per hour

                                                                                                         CDA & DA $27.00 per hour

6-1-17 MDPstaffing Time card.pdf                            Front Office $27.00 - $30.00 per hour


Applicants are required to complete all MDP forms and supply copies of their Licenses, Certifications, Hepatitis Vaccination, Proof of U.S Citizenship or Permit to work in the United States, Letters of recommendations, Current License you hold, Current Resume, and for Dental Hygienists a copy of your Liability Insurance.  Upon completion of documents, applicants are requested  to call and set up an appointment for an interview.  MDP wants to receive the forms first so we can verify all your information.

MDP makes every effort to personally interview and meet all new applicants and check their references prior to their dental work assignment.

If you are a California licensed Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant and or Front Office applicant MDP can refer you to dental practice’s looking for full-time, part-time, or temporary positions within their practices.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.  Please give our office a call if you

have any questions.


Deborah Barigian

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